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    • Proceedings of ICCN 2015 Available on Global Digital Library Now

      We are pleased to announce that the proceedings of ICCN 2015 have now been uploaded to the Global Digital Library at www.globaldigitallibrary.com

    • ICCN 2015 Held in London on 18-19 December

      International Conference on Communication and Networks (ICCN 2015) was held on 18-19 December 2015 in London. The conference was participated by a large number of delegates from academia and industry. 

    • ICCN 2016 to be Held in London in on 19-21 August

      After a successful conference in 2015, IOARP has launched the second edition of ICCN 2016 - International Conference on Communication and Networks. The conference will be held on 19-21 August 2016, in London, United Kingdom.

    • ICCN Achievement Awards

      At ICCN 2015, IOARP will be presenting achievement awards to the authors of overall best papers and best student papers. 

    • ICCN Travel Grants Announcement

      IOARP will be offering two travel grants for conference participation in ICCN 2015. This grant will cover accommodation and author registration fees.